The W.C. Vaughan Co. Collection

Hamilton Center Knobs
Vaughan Thumb Latch and Backplate
The W.C. Vaughan Co. Collection
Vaughan Rose Escutcheons
Vaughan Escutcheon Plates
Vaughan Cylinder Covers
Vaughan Cylinder Rings
Vaughan Thumb Turns and Roses
Oval, Bow, & Crescent Turns
Vaughan Thumb Turn Roses
Vaughan Emergency Release Covers
Vaughan Emergency Release Grommets
Vaughan Cabinet Knobs and Roses
Vaughan Closet Turns and Roses
Telescopic Rods
Roses for Telescopic Rods
Vaughan Shutter Knobs
Cylindrical Floor Stops
Vaughan Floor Stop Trim Rings
Vaughan Hinge Finials